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    Featured Collaborator - Scotty Albrecht

    Scotty Albretch Artist/designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He's pretty tall and gets asked if he plays basketball
    a lot... he doesn't. Scotty co-runs a site called Process, and has stellar typography skills.

    Live Now: How did you hear about Live Now?

    I had actually seen a lot of the pieces from the project on random sites for a while, mostly sites
    like ffffound or dropular or somewhere that people were posting images of things they liked. It seemed like they kept popping up but I had no idea that they were all connected. Later, a friend
    of mine sent me a link to the project and it was like finding a missing piece to a puzzle... like "oooooh, THAT'S where they're from." After reading up on the project and seeing all the work collectively, I was pretty inspired. The underlying tone of the project and the work was so obviously free and positive, I couldn't help but want to contribute to it. It's rare that a project
    like this pops up at all, because it stems from something so personal but winds up being so universal... everyone finds a way to connect with it.

    Live Now: Briefly describe the message and process behind our collaboration piece?

    "Live the Life you Love, Love the Life You Live"

    For me, the message behind this piece really revolves around the idea that "life is what you make
    of it." People say that a lot, to the point where it's kind of cliché, but for me it's true. Nobody is going to open all your doors and lead you to your wildest fantasy. You have to take those steps proactively. And at the end of the day it's up to you make yourself happy, and do the things you want to do.

    When we first started talking about collaborating I had shown a couple of sketches of some ideas
    I had, and we landed on this one pretty quickly. From there, it was pretty constructive process
    of fine-tuning and executing.

    Live Now: What inspires your happiness?

    Jeez. This can get really long, but first and foremost, my girlfriend Maléna on a daily basis.
    She is a constant source of inspiration and happiness. She makes me realize what it means to be happy. After her, it's a mess of friends, family, LOL-CATS, bike-riding, and being able to do
    my artwork.

    Check out Scotty's Work