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We are always up for spreading good stuff and helping eachother out. If you have a new project or idea
and would like to submit it to our blog, let us know about it and we'll be in touch.

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    Live Now friend and collaborator, Rae-Leen, was in touch recently about her new tattoo. Congratulations Rae - we dig it.


    Release Dates Re-arranged

    The publish dates have been re-arranged a bit for our book with HOW. Official release date is
    April 27, 2011. The artwork aligns itself closer to a Spring debut. It will be available through all major offline and online booksellers including distribution in America, Europe, Australia & Canada. Pre-sale will begin a few months before hand via our website and a handful of other locations. Woot!


    We're Off!

    The package of final book files headed off to HOW headquarters today. We couldn't be more
    thrilled! Just wait until you see this book — the optimism bursts from the seams.

    Thank you roster for all your hard work, ideas, and time put into this. High fives all around.

    Keep in touch for more updates including pre-release dates, reviews, new promotional pieces, partnerships, etc.


    New Featured Collaborations

    As we draw closer to our book debut,(December) we will be featuring a brief selection of recent collaborations on our home page. Keep checking back as we will be updating with new pieces occasionally. Enjoy!


    Lee+ Magazine Article

    The gracious people at Lee+ Magazine, in Mexico City featured Live Now in their recent issue on happiness. We're very excited and thankful for the support.

    — Read the online issue