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We are always up for spreading good stuff and helping eachother out. If you have a new project or idea
and would like to submit it to our blog, let us know about it and we'll be in touch.

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    Dan Cassaro Interview

    There's a fun new interview up in our community section with Live Now collaborator Mr. Greyscale, aka Dan Cassaro.

    Check it out


    Featured on Apple itunes

    We have some exciting news! Our book was selected as a featured title on Apple itunes for the
    HOW Design library. Thanks for the support HOW and Apple.

    Grab yourself a digital copy here.


    Blake E. Marquis Review

    Handmade typography legend, friend, and mentor Blake E. Marquis sent over his thoughts
    on our book, along with this cool type piece. (large version over at flickR)

    "Life Now has sat on my desk for a few weeks now as I think of a
    way to review it. At first I wanted to review it based on the art
    between the covers as its absolutely beautiful, or the amount of great names involved, but instead I'd do it based on something a lot of creatives overlook, the idea.

    Eric Smith has explored an idea based on life and friends that teaches from his own experience how short life really is and how small the world can be. As a peer of his its truly heartwarming to see him bring together a community of people to celebrate something we tend to overlook or ignore sometimes, life."

    - Blake E. Marquis


    ComArts Typography Annual

    Stoked and grateful to be awarded honors in this years ComArts Typography Annual.
    Check out page 2 in the 'Books' section to see our collaboration with the incredible
    Erik Marinovich.

    Thanks for the love ComArts.


    Jamie Tworkowski Review

    One of my heros, and catalysts behind the Live Now project, Jamie Tworkowski took some
    time with our new book. He sent over his thoughts.

    "We believe there's power in words, especially words of hope.
    "Live Now" is an amazing example of words of hope coming alive through the collaboration and creativity of many talented artists."

    - Jamie Tworkowski
      Founder of TWLOHA

    Jamie Tworkowski
    Jamie Tworkowski is the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms(TWLOHA), a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA began in 2006 as Jamie's attempt to help a friend
    and tell a story. Since that time, the TWLOHA team has responded to over 160,000 messages
    from people in 100 countries. Jamie speaks frequently, bringing a message of hope and
    community to concerts, universities and churches throughout the U.S. and as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom. TWLOHA has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine on
    NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, CBS Sunday Morning and Jamie is 31 and currently lives in Florida. He loves surfing and music and is currently working on his first book.

    Thank you for believing in my story Jamie. I'm full of gratitude.
    You are an incredible spirit, someday we will hang.