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Previous Interview

Featured Collaborator - Ed Nacional

Ed Nacional is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Brooklyn.
When his face isn't pressed on a computer screen or deep in a sketch book he can be found
at flea markets, used book stores, new restaurants or walking around the city with his
girlfriend Tiffany.

Live Now: How did you hear about Live Now?

Eric and I had started emailing each other about portfolio websites almost two years ago.
At that time Live Now had a few artist collaborations and was just really starting to gain some steam. Luckily for me Eric and I became e-buds and the idea of collaborating on Live Now came naturally.

Live Now: Briefly describe the message and process behind our collaboration piece?

Higher Fives

I was reflecting on Eric's story and similar stories from people who I know who have gone
through similar situations. Whether it is escaping the worst or losing someone dear, from that point on things change a little. Situation's like Eric's make relationships stronger, so I
wanted my message to be about not taking your relationships for granted. I also hoped it
would be a reminder to let your friends and family know you care by start giving tighter hugs
and higher fives. My first sketch sent to Eric was a bit more complicated and had that phrase
"Tighter hugs & higher fives". As we passed around ideas and more sketches we decided to
simplify the message and use just Higher Fives. This worked out to make it a more
powerful piece.

You're Going Places

You're Going Places was pretty straight forward message from the start. I wanted to do
something simple that felt like a pat on the back and a friendly reminder to keep your chin up.

Live Now: What inspires your happiness?

For me happiness starts from at home where I am able to spend each day with my girlfriend/best friend Tiffany. After we met my happiness and creativity hit some all time highs. Loving family and friends definitely help keep my chin up.

Why is it important to spread happiness?

A hug and a high five go a long way.

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